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Project Overview 

Title: Annual Gas Safety Inspection and Service 

Service: Annual Gas Safety Inspection and Internal Flue Inspection 

Date: Completed on 31/07/23 



This project aimed to achieve two main goals. First: Inspecting and servicing three commercial boilers and a mechanical plant. Second: Check the inside of the flue system. The main objective was to make sure everything was safe and working properly, as required by regulations. 



One of the significant challenges we encountered during this project was the unique design of the luxury apartment building known as Thorney Court. The presence of boiler flues running through the building’s interior presented a distinct obstacle. Since these flues were not accessible from the outside, traditional external inspections were impossible. This posed a considerable challenge as ensuring the safety and integrity of the flue system was paramount. The requirement to inspect the flue joints from within the building added complexity to the project, demanding innovative solutions to overcome this hurdle. 


To solve the problem, we came up with a creative solution. We couldn’t get inside the building to carry out an internal flue inspection, so we used a long camera to inspect the flue from top to bottom. This meant going through 14 floors of the building without ever stepping inside. We looked closely at each connection point where the flues come together. We also compared what we found to what we saw during the last inspection. 

This approach allowed us to figure out if there were any weak spots or problems with the flue system, and if they had gotten worse over time. 


Before starting the project, we devoted considerable time to meticulous planning. Ensuring the safety of our team and the residents of the building was our top priority. We carefully devised a comprehensive safety plan to guarantee a secure working environment. As we progressed through the building, we encountered various unexpected challenges, but our experienced team addressed them promptly and effectively, ensuring the smooth execution of the project. These unforeseen obstacles included navigating tight spaces and coordinating with building occupants, all of which were managed with the utmost professionalism and adaptability. 


The results of the project were really positive. Our internal inspection of the flue system showed that everything was in good shape. We didn’t find any major problems or areas of concern. This meant the flue system was strong and reliable, which is crucial for safety. 

All the boilers passed the safety inspection. This confirmed that they were working well and met the safety standards. This ensured the safety of the people living in the luxury apartments of Thorney Court and ensured the heating system worked efficiently and reliably. 

Our SEM Facilities team successfully completed this annual gas safety inspection and service, even though we had to deal with the challenge of inspecting the flue system inside a luxury apartment building. By using an innovative approach to inspect the inside of the flues, we achieved our main goal of ensuring safety and efficiency. The results showed our commitment to maintaining high standards and keeping our clients and their properties safe and comfortable. 

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