Free system health check worth £250.00+VAT included in every annual service!

SEM Facilities were also asked to provide testing of the plant and major servicing of all the boilers throughout the site.


By law, commercial premises require a gas safety check to be completed every year. Inspection and testing must be carried out on all gas appliances and installations in each property. This is a requirement of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. Our engineers make thorough checks with the aim of providing the company or landlords with a Gas Safety Record.

We are quite used to providing out-of-hours services, but in this case the premises are in high occupation throughout the day, so most of our testing and boiler servicing had to be undertaken over night.

And to add to the potential pressures on our team, the Samsung SDS Chief Executive, Jong Cheel Im happens to be based at the Brooklands offices.


Despite the numerous challenges and the extent of the company’s requirements, we completed the contract in good time and on budget.

Our extensive records show that we were able to successfully sign off the following:

  • A description of each appliance tested
  • Results of the safety checks carried out on each appliance
  • Any safety issues identified during the checks
  • Any action or work needed to ensure safety
  • Details of the engineer who did the checks, their signature and the date of the check
  • Details of the landlord and the property

A highly prestigious customer for SEM Facilities, Samsung SDS in Weybridge is the company’s European hub for a number of key services.

Mobile Security. Access to accounts with fingerprint, voice, or facial recognition. All of which are stronger than a password.

Advanced Analytics. Interactive signage and prescriptive analytics, enabling companies to monitor events in real time using video analytics, and take action.

Identity Management. Single sign-ons for an entire system, using unique authentication combinations and biometrics, making logging in easier and more secure than ever.

Retail Experience. Using detailed data, building a unique shopping experience tailored to customers’ online shopping habits, and using interactive signage.

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