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Project Overview

The project’s primary objective was to rectify the leak, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the gas system. This involved replacing the faulty nipple and conducting a comprehensive gas purging of the entire system to UP1a and reinstating the operation of the boilers.

Gas system purge

Project Objectives

The project’s primary goal was clear—to resolve the gas leak issue and restore the facility’s gas supply for hot water and heating services. With safety as the utmost concern, our commercial gas engineers aimed to:

  • Rectify the leak found in the 3″ nipple.
  • Replace the faulty component with a custom made new 3” nipple
  • Conduct a full system purge to ensure the safe functioning of the gas system to UP1A
  • Reinstate the boilers and leave plant in operation.

Solutions Implemented

The project was not without its challenges. The 3″ screwed barrel, housing the problematic nipple, posed a labour-intensive task for the gas engineers. Additionally, the location of the plant in the basement made it difficult to access an outside area for the gas purging equipment.

However, our skilled engineers devised innovative strategies to overcome these hurdles. They successfully traced a route to an outside lightwell from the basement plant room, enabling them to use a purge stack as per regulations. Purge points were strategically installed to facilitate the current purge and aid any potential future gas purging needs.

Custom 3" nipple

Implementation Process

With the solutions in place, our gas engineers set out to execute the project. The process involved several crucial steps to ensure a safe and effective gas system:

  1. Nipple Replacement – The faulty 3″ nipple was replaced with a new custom made nipple.
  2. Purge Points Installation – Strategically placed gas purging points were installed to facilitate the purge process.
  3. Tightness Test – A tightness test was conducted to check for any potential leaks or weaknesses in the system.
  4. System and Purge Volume Calculation – Our engineers carefully calculated the system’s volume and the volume required for the purge.
  5. Purge Time Calculation – The purge time was calculated to ensure sufficient safety measures were taken.
  6. Purge Execution – The gas system was purged to UP1A standard, ensuring optimal safety and performance.
  7. Full Tightness Test – After the gas purging, a comprehensive tightness test was conducted again to verify the system’s integrity.
  8. System Testing and Operation – Finally, the plant was thoroughly tested, and the gas supply was reinstated for regular operation.


The successful completion of the gas system purge project had a significant impact on the facility. The hot water and heating services were restored, ensuring a comfortable environment for the occupants. Most importantly, the gas leak issue was completely resolved, guaranteeing the safety of everyone on-site.

At SEM Facilities, our team of dedicated commercial gas engineers strives to provide top-notch services to ensure the smooth functioning of your gas systems. With our expertise, innovative solutions, and commitment to safety, we ensure that your commercial spaces remain comfortable and secure. To learn more about our commercial gas engineering services, contact us today.

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