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Arkle Property Services offer planned and preventative maintenance, installation and servicing of commercial heating and air conditioning systems, which is where we would normally come in when demand exceeds the potential coverage of their manpower. Over the past 12 months we have provided commercial heating maintenance and service repairs to a number of properties on behalf of Arkle.


Arkle were recently awarded the maintenance contract on one of London’s most prestigious private rental residences, No. 6 Buckingham Gate, London SW1.

In this instance, we were called upon to provide a number of services including one which happens to be fairly unique to our portfolio. In addition to putting together a scheme to replace and thereafter annually maintain boilers, air conditioning pumps and plumbing, we were asked to provide a chimney service report when it was discovered that a number of flues had perished.

Parking is always an issue in any part of central London but St James Park presents an even greater challenge, especially as the property happens to be adjacent to Prince Charles’ London office. Bang goes the Knighthood! It didn’t help us in our attempt to inspect the chimneys when we needed to park near the building only to have our space blocked by a 12-vehicle car stacker.

It is important that between ourselves and Arkle we provide a swift and trouble-free service on an ongoing basis as the client in this case had been let down before. Hence the change.


With an increasing demand for traditional over modern properties and the use of smokeless coal and wood burning stoves, the activity of ‘opening up the flue’ can be fraught with problems.

SEM facilities have responded to the demand by investing in ‘high end’ chimney inspection and flue plotting equipment which enables us to diagnose and record chimney problems. The camera is passed up and down the flue to identify internal flue dimensions and any problems which could be causing leakage or blockage.

The camera is extremely manoeuvrable with full rotation, 28m of cable to inspect the highest of chimneys and up to 250mm flue diameter. It even has 12 white LEDs around the lens for illumination.

We were able to advise Arkle on the best solution to the problems by offering a full diagnosis with video evidence. Images are displayed on our TFT monitor and we provide the inspection on DVD along with a written report on the condition of the flue.

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